Support our mission to help stop the vicious cycle of animal abuse and domestic violence.

child hugging a kitten. isolated on white backgroundEmotional Intelligence (EQ) plays a vital role in teaching children compassion. By donating, you help ensure the success of our A5 program for both kids and adults.

It’s critical that a child’s emotional intelligence (EQ) be nurtured. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is not taught in the classroom yet is vital for your child’s success.

Your donation supports our A5 Kids Camps as well as our Adult Seminars that are specifically designed to teach adults how to nurture their child’s EQ.

Animal Charities for Animal Welfare

animal welfare

Animal Fairy Charities also allows you to earmark your donation. You can have your donation go directly for helping animals to help support their medical care, shelter, food, and transport. Our main goal is making sure that any animal welfare campaign we initiate or support ends in the safety and security of the animals.  We have supported numerous animal welfare organizations here in Wisconsin, nationally and abroad.

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